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International contract and debt collection management

INLEXS is a network comprised of European law firms specialized in contract management and debt collection in international business transactions. Renowned corporate law firms of INLEXS in over 25 European, Asian and South American countries work for you in cross-border contract and debt collection matters. With more than 200 attorneys and debt collectors, the law firms connected through INLEXS have long-term experience and an in-depth knowledge of business-related matters.

„We speak the language of your company and that of your customers.“
Your contact persons speak German and English fluently. This allows communicating without language barriers and it leads to a perfect understanding – with you, your employees and foreign customers, government offices and courts. Professional legal counsel in the preparation of general business terms and conditions and customer and supplier agreement set the stage for successful business transaction. Should the outcome still result in payment default/nonpayment, the attorneys working for INLEXS have in-depth knowledge and outstanding legal expertise in the successful debt collection domestically and abroad.
Our INLEXS quality promises:
–          Immediate order confirmation
–          Communication in both German and English
–          Professional and Engaging Appearance
–          Reliable legal advice in international business transactions